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August, 2019

The Tennessee Physicians’ Quality Verification Organization, LLC (TPQVO), a Chattanooga, Tennessee based company, successfully underwent its tenth Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) recertification process through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and is fully Certified by NCQA for 10 out of 10 verification services.  This two-year certification is effective until July 31, 2021.

The CVO certification process involves two major survey components: (1) a review of the CVO's operations, processes and programs and (2) an on-site audit of completed credentials files to verify that the credentialing processes are conducted in a manner that complies with NCQA's standards.  “The credentials verification process helps protect the public—making sure a patient’s doctor, nurse or dentist has completed the education and training they purport to have and that they are clear of any licensing or malpractice trouble" explained Eugene Ryan, MD, TPQVO past Chairman and Chattanooga physician.  "NCQA’s review of TPQVO shows that we are performing this important verification process the right way and within the right time frame.”

CVOs like TPQVO contract with health care organizations, physician networks, and managed care plans to provide information used to help determine whether physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers are qualified for membership on that organization’s staff or panel.  Credentials verification is an important part of safeguarding patients and plan enrollees by making sure healthcare providers have the necessary training, licensure, experience and lack of negative professional experience to provide safe and competent healthcare services.   CVOs also track disciplinary information released by state and federal agencies and notify clients of any negative information that arises regarding their healthcare professional medical staff and network members.  NCQA evaluates a CVO’s management of various aspects of its data collection, verification and monitoring operations, and the process it uses to continuously improve the services it provides to its clients.   “Achieving CVO certification from NCQA demonstrates that TPQVO has the systems, process and personnel in place to thoroughly and accurately verify providers’ credentials and help health plan clients meet their accreditation goals,” summarized NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane.

Started in 1998, TPQVO is owned by the Chattanooga and Hamilton County Medical Society, the Knoxville Academy of Medicine and the Tennessee Medical Association.  Currently, TPQVO maintains and monitors over 8,000 physician, nurse, dentist and other healthcare practitioner files.  Information in these files are verified and processed for over 70 hospital, health care network, surgery center, public health service, nursing home and home health clients through out the United States.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance is an independent, non-profit organization that certifies credentials verification organizations, and accredits managed care organizations.  The NCQA certification process is voluntary and includes rigorous on-site evaluations conducted by a team of health care professionals.  A national oversight committee of physicians analyzes the team’s finding and determines certification based on the CVO’s compliance with NCQA standards.

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