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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, physicians and other healthcare providers encounter more demanding patient loads, increased reporting requirements from insurance companies, networks and managed care organizations, more stringent accreditation provisions, and oftentimes not enough qualified staff to handle these additional responsibilities.  During these troubling economic times, it becomes even more important to approach required functions in the most cost-effective way.

TPQVO can help:

  • Streamline the medical/professional staff appointment and reappointment process through outsourcing application processing and document collection

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy in the credentialing process

  • Comply with NCQA, Joint Commission, AAAHC and other accreditation standards for credential verification

  • Increase staff productivity and time available to focus on issues and responsibilities unique to your organization

  • Track and update licenses, DEA registrations, insurance policies, specialty board certifications and other update tracking process through TPQVO's notification to both your organization and medical staff or network members of expiration dates for licenses, liability insurance and DEA registrations

  • Monitor licensing, Medicare-Medicaid sanctions and other disciplinary matters that arise between credentialing cycles.

Using our credentials verification services also promotes good will with your medical and professional staff by:

  • Reducing the number of requests for appointment and reappointment applications and

  • Tracking of expiration dates for liability insurance policies, licenses and DEA registrations.

Contact TPQVO for a proposal tailored for your organization.  We are your credentialing partner and aim to make credentialing a smoother and safer process.






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