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Information for Allied Health Professionals

If you are eligible for privileges as a member of the hospital Medical Staff or healthcare network of a TPQVO client facility but are not a physician, dentist, or podiatrist, you will need to complete the appropriate application form listed on the FORMS page.  You will select the "Allied Health" form for your area.  If you fill out the Physician application form, you will need to resubmit your application using the appropriate allied health form.

Initial Application Process

Some TPQVO client organizations require pre-application screening and will not accept an application without first contacting the medical staff or professional relations office.  Please contact the healthcare organization's office first if you have any question about your eligibility for membership/affiliation.


Reappointment Applications

TPQVO will send the appropriate application for reappointment or recredentialing to medical staff and network members according to the regional reappointment schedule.  Therefore, these forms are not available through this website.  For more information about the standard recredentialing schedule used by some clients, please click here.

If you have any questions about the appropriate form for your circumstances, please call the healthcare organization (TPQVO client) to which you are applying or reapplying for privileges.


File Set Up and Query Fees

There is a one-time file set up fee charged for any first time application for initial privileges.  This fee is noted on the application cover letter describing all necessary documentation that you must send in with your completed application.  TPQVO will not begin processing your file until this fee is paid.  Also, most healthcare organizations will not accept an application as complete without the additional items listed on the cover letter.

Additionally, TPQVO will bill you for any primary source query fee (i.e., graduate schools, national certification boards) charged to TPQVO for providing a verification of your credential.   You will not be billed for information TPQVO can reuse from previous times your file was processed for a TPQVO client facility. 

File set up fees and query fees may be paid by check or by credit card.  Credit card processing is only available via the TPQVO secure internet gateway.


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