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This page provides Adobe fillable initial application forms.  For secure application processing, you will need to go to the physician access portal.  For more information about secure application processing, you can review the description of the TPQVO secure application processing website here

Physicians log into the website here.  Allied Health log in here.

Initial Credentialing Application Forms

Several area initial application forms are available on this web site for downloading, filling and submission to TPQVO for processing.  Some TPQVO clients use their own forms or the applicable state universal application forms.  If you have any question about which form to use on this web site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Depending upon your region, you will select the appropriate form available for filling and printing using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™.  (This program is available for free download by clicking here.)  Other healthcare organization clients may use their own forms or the applicable mandated state credentialing form.

If you have already set up a file with TPQVO, you may use the physician application processing portal to submit your application form via the secured part of this website.  You will need your login ID and password to enter the portal.

Recredentialing Applications and Schedule

Reappointment or recredentialing forms are not available on this page.  If you have received instructions to process your reappointment application through the secure physician or allied health application portal, you can proceed to the login screen here.  (The URL for this portal is for physicians or for allied health providers. )

In Tennessee, most participating healthcare organization clients have agreed upon the use of one standard application and recredentialing form.  In those areas, there is a standard recredentialing schedule based upon specialty or professional discipline.  For more information about the area schedule, please click the hyperlinks below.

Confidentiality and Privacy

TPQVO maintains credentialing information under the strictest confidentiality policies.  Once we receive your information, we only release it to those healthcare organizations you authorize in writing.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our processes and policies.



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