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New TPQVO Physician Access Portal

Starting July 1, 2010, TPQVO officially opened physician application processing through its secured website.  Beginning with Chattanooga area reappointments, physicians will receive instructions along with login IDs and passwords that will enable them to fill out, update and correct the applications and then submit them online to TPQVO.  The online application processing will be voluntary and physicians may request a paper copy of their reappointment application in lieu of using the online process.

Since many primary sources won’t accept digital signatures, a signed attestation is still required on the application signature page, the TPQVO and SVMIC authorization and release form.   These documents must be signed by hand and faxed, scanned and emailed, or mailed back to TPQVO.  Also, some TPQVO clients require copies of CME certificates as part of the application package, so those documents as well as other outstanding copies of licenses, insurance and board certificates will still need to be sent in to TPQVO. 

Along with filling out applications through the website, physicians will also be able to view the status of their applications with TPQVO clients as well as view copies of insurance face sheets, licenses, and DEA certificates on file with TPQVO.

The website is secured through 128 bit or better encryption technology and requires using an Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher browser as well as Adobe Reader (freeware) software.  Mozilla’s Firefox browser does work. However, the form selections will not display correctly and make choosing the correct application form quite difficult.  Also, Internet Explorer may display various warnings during the download process depending on the version used and the individual’s security settings.  The TPQVO web server is protected by corporate antivirus software that is continually updated to keep actual risk to a minimum.

As we work through technical issues, we will post frequently asked and answered questions below.


You can download a quick overview of how to login and access applications here.


To enter the physician access portal, click here.


My password or login ID or both don't work.

The login ID and password you received are not case sensitive, so either you are misreading your login information, are mistyping this information or "misremembering" your access information.  You may call or email TPQVO to have your password reset.  You may be asked for information to confirm your identity.


Why is my form blank?

One suggestion is use the "back" and then "forward" arrow on your browser to refresh the forms page.  This process may resolve the problem.

Another solution may be that you will need to uninstall and then reinstall Adobe Reader.  Adobe Reader is free software that can be found here.  Or read the answer to "my Internet Explorer freezes" question below.

Finally, Internet Explorer might be blocking the data download.  Make sure you allow pop up windows and instruct your browser that is a trusted site if you see that option when you attempt to access the TPQVO secure server.  Another possibility is you might need to edit your Internet Explorer security settings.  You can make these changes by going to "Tools" in the Internet Explorer menu bar and select "Internet Options" and then "Security."  You can add as a Trusted site or lower your Security level to "Medium" or both.


Finally, Adobe Reader might be blocking data from filling the form.  Check to make sure there isn't a yellow bar across the screen above the form asking for permission to allow the form to fill with data.  If you see this yellow bar or message, there will be an option button you will need to click.


Why are the application names all jumbled when I open the Applications window?

Most likely, you are not using Internet Explorer.  You will need to use Internet Explorer for proper website behaviors.


Why am I getting an Adobe error message when I try to submit the application?

Without knowing the security settings on your computer or version of Adobe Reader you are using, suffice it to say there are many reasons why you are unable to submit your data.  You can try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader as one possible solution.  However, if you continue to get error messages, contact us and we will send you a paper application.


How do I know my application data was submitted correctly?

You will get a message telling you your submission is successful and to send in the supporting documents (consent forms, CME information, and other documents listed on your original cover page.


I'm trying to open the form but nothing happens and Internet Explorer freezes.

Sometimes, Adobe Reader (or Acrobat, if you have that program on your computer) will lock up so that your browser stops responding as well.  One way to fix the problem is to open Task Manager on your computer and close all the Adobe processes that are running (the processes will begin with the Adobe prefix).  Then try going back on your browser to the Menu page and try opening the form again.


Also, you may need to wait up to 30 seconds for the form to fill depending on your bandwidth, amount of data in your file and other traffic on the TPQVO website.


I don't want my information available to anyone, including myself, on the TPQVO website, what do I do?

Contact us and we will make your file inaccessible to anyone using the physician application processing portal.


You may also email us and ask for assistance.



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