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Bringing a new physician or advance practice healthcare practitioner into your medical group is an expensive and time consuming process.  It is a major investment in both your practice's and the new recruit's future.  And finding a good match is just the start of the process--next comes setting up the new clinician to treat patients in the clinic, surgery center, hospital and to bill for those services.

TPQVO understands the importance of making sure a healthcare professional is qualified, competent and the person listed on the professional documentation.  TPQVO has worked with hospitals and other healthcare organizations for over 15 years checking and verifying professional information as part of the medical staff and health plan credentialing process.

Credentials Check

TPQVO collects information from a candidate about professional 

and personal history as well as relevant documents such as copies of certificates, licenses and registrations.  Rather than rely on self-reported information from CVs and applications, TPQVO verifies the information using NCQA and Joint Commission approved primary sources.  TPQVO will contact the medical school, residency program, state licensing board or other information holder and confirm information provided by the applicant such as program completion, dates and specialty training.  Moreover, TPQVO will ask whether there were any disciplinary actions on file or if any health problems were noted that would interfere with the candidate's ability to provide safe and competent healthcare services.

Verifications include:

  • Medical School

  • Residency and Postgraduate Training

  • Military Experience and Discharge Status

  • Medical Liability Claims History

  • Past Practice History

  • Past and Current Hospital Affiliations (including any disciplinary actions)

  • State Licenses and License Sanctions

  • Board Certification

  • Professional References

  • Medicaid/Medicare Sanctions

  • GSA Excluded Parties

  • Tennessee Abuse and Felony Registries

  • Other criminal background checks as determined

Licensing and Registration Assistance

As another service, TPQVO will assist you in getting a new physician ready for practice--applying for state licenses, DEA registrations, NPIs and other requirements for practice.  TPQVO will also assist physicians apply to medical staffs of TPQVO client hospitals and healthcare organizations (this application assistance is free).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about this and other TPQVO services.




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