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Recredentialing Schedules


Most organizations must review the credentials of their medical staff on a periodic basis as a matter of law, Medicare conditions or participation or plan or healthcare accreditation.  This periodic review is called "recredentialing" or undergoing "reappointment" to the medical staff.  Therefore, healthcare providers are expected to complete an application for reappointment or recredentialing every two years (hospitals, surgery centers) or every three years in the case of many managed care plans.

Some TPQVO client facilities organize their recredentialing processes using a standardized schedule based on specialties or discipline so that all healthcare professionals of the same specialty or licensure (Allied Health) undergo recredentialing at the same point every two years.  The schedules provided on this website show the completion date for each recredentialing schedule.

If you've received a letter from TPQVO directing you to fill out a reappointment application on this website and have your login and password information, you can enter the secure website here

Applicants must complete and return recredentialing applications at least 2 months before TPQVO's completion date to ensure that the verification process is completed by this time.  Applicants may fail to reappoint if these due dates are not honored.


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