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Credit Card Processing Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards do you accept?

You can use any credit or debit card featuring the Visa or MasterCard logo.  We will also accept Discover card.

Will I be charged a service or convenience fee if I pay using my credit card?

No, we will not charge you any additional fees for paying with your credit card.

How soon will my account be credited?

Your credit card payment is applied to your account within 2 business days of your completed transaction.

Do you keep my credit card information on file?

No, we do not store your credit card information on our servers. TPQVO is a SAQ Validation Type 1 using only card-not-present, with all cardholder data functions outsourced to its payment gateway.  TPQVO's contractor,, is a legitimate, legally accountable organization.

Are my transactions secure?

Yes, TPQVO uses a PCI-approved payment gateway service that is fully compliant with the industry standards established for credit card processing.  Look for “https:” in the web address and the lock symbol on your browser indicating a secure connection. Always use care when entering personal information on a public computer.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, you can print a receipt at the end of your transaction.  You will also receive a receipt via the email address you provide when making your credit card payment.

Do you accept credit card payments over the telephone?

No, credit card payments are only made through the internet payment gateway.  TPQVO does not collect, process or store credit card information.  TPQVO is a SAQ Validation Type 1 using only card-not-present transactions, with all cardholder data functions outsourced to its payment gateway.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are only given for incorrectly entered transaction amounts.



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